She is the Monument
She is bound to the Monument
She succours the Monument
She resides in the Monument
Man hauling harness: Barrier
Privation: provision bag
Overwintering ice cave
Man hauling harness: march
Man hauling harness: rest


2 ProjectS



In these 2 projects, She is the Monument [images 1 - 4], and 8 miles before lunch [images 5 - 9] historical literature informs the conceptual and contextual development of the bodies of works. 


She is the Monument references the lives of female saints as documented by Alban Butler in his 4 volume Lives of Fathers, Martyrs and other Saints.


Red/pink becomes a codification device for signs, codes and symbols in this series. Reddish colour leads the eye to the mystic presence of each Saint within her chosen Monument.


8 miles before lunch examines the Heroic Age of Antarctic exploration through key texts such as Apsley Cherry-Garrard's The Worst Journey in the World.


In this Antarctic series, red/pink underscores the intensity of the white experience, where light plays optical tricks on the Antarctic Barrier. In these works, red bleeds and fades to pinkish hues.


Both projects use the iPhone as a technological device to juxtapose and manipulate historical images with contemporary references. The image outcomes are fused worlds, hovering between fiction, representation and imagination.  


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